Design Consulting

Gibson Engineering & Computers, Inc. with 30+ years of manufacturing superior quality products for your applications. Engineered and handcrafted in the United States for highest quality products at an affordable price.

We have always had an open door atmosphere at Gibson Engineering & Computers. Yes, we manufacture and service our own products. Unlike the vast majority of electronic manufacturers, we encourage customers to come in and consult with us about their designs, spares support, and repair requirements. We have the skills, the knowledge and the resources built on thirty years of business in the electronic products industry.

Why would any manufacture open the doors to outside project(s). It is simple. Consulting, designing, and manufacturing for our customers makes both you and us stronger in what we have to offer.

What is the benefit of choosing us over the competition?

We are very flexible in what we have to offer you. We will work with you at the level you require.

  • There is no conveyor driven cookie cutter mill with us.
  • You just want consulting – Good. Let us save you costly time and money.
  • You need an idea turned into a working proto-type to take to a full-scale manufacturer – Fantastic.
  • There is circuit/project you want a production quality PCA designed and manufactured – Yes.
  • You have a product with a 20-30 year lifespan and the manufacture has dropped support, gone out of business, or other-wise have disappeared. We will recreate a repair avenue or spare parts source – Get You Back to Work.
  • You don’t want to return to your last contract consulting and manufacturing firm – We Understand.
  • You only need 10-100 units designed, built, and manufactured – Our Specialty.
  • When necessary we make specialty electronic parts in-house – All is Possible.

We have invested years to create a well establish relationship with supporting businesses to bring our customers the best possible quality finished product.

  • Metal parts fabrication
  • Machine tooling and part manufacturing
  • Electronic PCA assembly and testing
  • Injected plastic molding and manufacturing
  • PCB Manufacturing at all levels
  • Industrial Graphic arts
  • Metal and material finishing/plating
  • Electronic Component Manufacturing – Capacitors, Inductors, Resistors, Hybrid Modules, Transformers

We have real experience with manufacturing our own products.

  • We have actually walked the production path with our own time and expenses
  • We bring realistic information to our customers
  • We know what is ahead for every process
  • Our experience mitigates your guess-work
  • We are open and honest with all of our customers

Our maintenance, parts, and service elements give us unique knowledge.

  • We know what breaks and how to best avoid those outcomes
  • We know what solutions work for a given application
  • We know what will most likely fail in an electronic assembly
  • We know that all components are not created equal and what is best suited for a successful product
  • Our competition in contract manufacturing rarely see a product after completion and don’t have the long-term information related to their design practices. They have to rely on industry feedback.

We give initial contact consultation and estimates free of charge.