New Build Cables, Printed Circuit Assemblies and Electronic Parts


Custom Cable Manufacturing

Some our very first products that we manufactured were cables. Much as every engineer tries, there is always a cable requirement. There is no glory in cable designs. However, they are necessary.

Standardized molded cables are everywhere. What if your cable is not a standard? Where do you find a manufacture that will build ten units? We do and will make just about any cable you can think of. We will design, source materials, and make your proto-type look and function like a production unit. Then when you are ready for production, we have affiliates to take the product to the next stage. Let us design your next cable assembly.

Custom Power supplies

From time to time, every engineer or hobbyist needs a power supply that is just different enough that an off-the-shelf product does not work. Over the years we have had several of these types of power supply requests for us to manufacture our own solution(s).

For example, we designed and built a proto-type product with a small footprint off-the-shelf switching regulator. After the units were built, it was found that an isolated linear supply of the same physical footprint was required to meet the operational specification. Next, we have a requirement by a research group to build a simple isolated four output 5VDC DC-to-DC regulator with synchronized controls for low current reference voltages. These parts are now available for outside of contract purchase without restriction.

Let us design a power supply solution for you.

Electronic Metal Work & Custom Machined Parts

Many times when projects are brought to us the customer will require special metal-work or machined parts for the electronic assemblies to be complete. It is not uncommon for an electronics contract manufacture to turn this work away as it is not their product focus. We understand this. Therefore, to provide the best quality experience for our customer, we take that work in-house as a turnkey process.

The normal crossover requirements we most often see are the need for plastic injection molding, custom hardware, custom cabinets/enclosures, custom mounting brackets, and custom sheet metal parts. Please refer to the photographs of sample parts from past projects.

Let us design your next project assembly.