Transistor Horizontal TO-92 Mount


Need a horizontal TO-92 form-factor heat-sink mounting clip or bracket in your design for temperature sensors? We have one. Machined from high quality solid aluminum to insure efficient stable thermal transfer without special epoxies or compounds. This mount uses a single #4 screw mount that will securely hold any TO-92 form-factor device to any flat surface.

Order P/N CO-822-01050-00 We accept special order requests, however minimum order quantities will apply.


We developed this mount in 2011 when no hardware of this type could be sourced to reliably mount thermal sensory devices to high power heat-sinks. After several attempts to create a functional design, we settled on a machined solid aluminum part. It turned out to be the most functional and cost effective solution to date. The design thermal encapsulates, blankets, the sensor to provide the truest measurement and thermal tracking feedback that we have found. The sensor error is reduced simply because all of the surfaces are at the same temperature.