L-ion Battery Charger


The L-ion battery charger stamp AS-910-03020-001 utilizes the MCP73831/2 devices with an advanced linear charge management control for use in space-limited, cost-sensitive applications. Along with their small physical size, the low number of external components required make the MCP73831/2 ideally suited for portable applications. For applications charging from a USB port, the MCP73831/2 adhere to all the specifications governing the USB power bus. The MCP73831/2 employ a desirable constant- current/constant voltage charge algorithm with selectable preconditioning and charge termination. The constant voltage regulation is fixed with 4.20V to accommodate the standard L-ion battery charging requirements. This stamp charger is selected for 4.20VDC. The constant current value is set with one external resistor, R1, for 400MA. The MCP73831/2 devices limit the charge current based on die temperature during high power or high ambient conditions. This thermal regulation optimizes the charge cycle time while maintaining device reliability. Several options are available for the preconditioning threshold, preconditioning current value, charge termination value and automatic recharge threshold. The preconditioning value and charge termination value are set as a ratio or percentage of the programmed constant current value. The MCP73831/2 devices are fully specified over the ambient temperature range of - 40°C to +85°