Battery Buddie


The Battery Buddie is a Compact, Moisture Resistant, Basic Voltage Testing Appliance that attaches directly to the device under observation. The Model 12VLA is manufacture configured for 12 volt lead acid type batteries and their characteristics. The 12VLA does not require any current until activated by the Test Switch. This is to avoid discharging batteries in a storage or standby situation. The 12VLA Uses Colored LEDs to indicate four conditions: 1-Green is Good/Ready for Use. 2- Yellow is two steps of a Discharged Condition. 3- Red is battery Too Low to use—Recharge. 4- No Color—the Battery Is Dead/Very Weak—Needs Service Attention.

The General Purpose would be for environments where battery Knowledge is Limited, Speed and Convenience are required, Testing Tools are not available. Typical applications for Battery Buddie would be Alarm Systems, Emergency Lighting Devices, Motor Vehicles, Boats and Recreational Use Vehicles with 12VDC Battery Systems.