Custom Conversions


Ground Loop Breaker Assembly

The Ground Loop Breaker assembly is a kit that allows for after-market installation of a chassis to electrical ground lift/isolation. This cable assembly is comprised of non-active electronic components and therefore does not require power or controls of any type. In most electronic equipment powered by an AC mains source, there is a safety requirement to provide a connection from the equipment chassis to the outlet ground/earth connection. This connection can cause grounding loops between multiple pieces of equipment connected to the same power/ground source. In the case of sensitive audio, video and test equipment, this condition can cause unwanted noise to appear in their output signals.

Parasound P5/P6 Preamplifier Linear Power Supply Modification

It was discovered that the Parasound P5 and P6 standard Preamplifiers were using a switching based DC power supply from a well know manufacture in Asia. Although this was a relative good product, many audio product consumers do not want switch power supplies in their audio equipment. Due to this consumer demand, we were contracted to design and manufacture a linear power supply replacement that could be installed without special tools and modifications.

Our design uses the best possible transformer type for low noise, a highly stable well established linear regulator design for accurate lowest possible ripple output power for consumer equipment, and is mechanically adapted to the existing chassis configuration. The transformer mounts where the switching supply was. This linear regulator mounts to the chassis floor and uses the chassis as the heat sink for the regulator power devices. The connectors are matched to the existing circuit boards for a plug-n-play fit.