Audio Power Amplifiers


The best audio amplifier is about sufficient power to drive good speakers, transparency in the audio path, and respecting the sound quality of the artist. We feel that we have a solution that stands above our competition. Here are some of our features.

The AP2250, two channel 250 Watts per channel class “A” low idle current amplifier, has been designed using the best possible technologies to give many years of reliable problem free enjoyment. Most notable in this series of audio products is a return to massive oversized heat-sinks supporting an analog design. We broke away from the trend to develop lighter smaller units that sacrificed audio reproduction quality for size, weight and AC power efficiency. Our massive 36 pounds of heat-sinks, not only keeps the case temperature comfortable to touch, they will greatly reduce power transistor failures and increase optimum performance life-span beyond any manufacture’s traditional warranty period. What does this mean, the best possible sound for a lifetime. Should it ever be necessary, this feature packed design for the audio connoisseur comes standard with a five(5) year limited warranty.

The single most prominent feature of the AP2250 power amplifier series is its “Dual Monaural Design”. Not really a new approach to the audio world -- just one of the best. We have taken great care to design and construct this unit to insure that the full intent of dual monaural is expressed – Without Shortcuts. The three layers of ground paths use loop-breaking techniques. No DC power supply lines are common between amplifier sections of this unit. No outside power source is coupled to any electrical buss or ground. The result is two fully isolated independent power amplifier channels.

“Two Fully Independent Channels” means complete autonomy for each channel with all the possible flexibility and benefits. Each channel has its own independent protection and safety circuits. Even if a catastrophic failure occurs in one channel the other will remain fully operational. Only the AC power controller and remote power sequencer is common to both channels. Once the AC power is delivered to the two massive high efficiency 500watt toroidal power transformers, all control is turned over to the independent channels.

The second feature that you will find in this series is the Sensory-Touch display control panel. No out dated switches and metering, just a clean, refined, unpretentious appearance. “No switches”, means fewer mechanical components to breakdown over time. This series uses the latest in optical switch technology to replace their mechanical predecessors. Simply touch the display at the On/Off symbol to activate or deactivate the unit. The onboard controller brings the unit up and takes it down with the least amount of stress to the electrical systems – both for the unit and the surrounding electrical systems.

The controls in this series, unlike the vast majority of the equipment in today’s marketplace, have been implemented, purposely, to minimize the use of Digital ICs and CPUs. First, CPUs use high frequency clocks that generate audible noise harmonics that find their way into the surrounding electronic circuits. This amplifier, by design, is intended to take in weak signals and boost those signals to a high level sufficient to drive speakers. Any foreign signal present, no matter how careful the designer, will appear in and discolor the desired audio signal output. Secondly, CPUs over complicate a design with a vast array of logic and programming. This leads to slower responses times to commands and safety features – more issues with components and speakers. If this unit ever fails we want the issue to be minimal. Finally, the more components present in any system results in more points of potential failure and will shorten the functional lifespan. This is a proven fact of engineering that we choose not to subject our customers to any more than necessary.

If you want to use a home control system or smart device with your audio system, the AP2250 comes standard with an electrically isolated remote control connection. You can easily connect one or multiple AP2250 amplifiers to an Audio Controller, Home Theater, or Pre-Amplifier using their provided remote “Power-On” sequencer connection.